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The Sun Island ist ein Essayfilm über Zufälle, verfehlte Leben und posthumen Ruhm. A found footage family film about love and passion, friendship and heartbreak set in Frankfurt and Berlin between the wars (1927-1935), during WWII and into the present. It includes the history of the Frankfurt Großmarkhalle (Central Market)– a landmark building of the International Style – before and after its acquisition by the European Central Bank, as part of its new headquarters. But The Sun Island is also a film about the origins of the green movement: about recycling, sus­tainability, and living off the grid – before these ideas had been properly invented.


Regisseur, Produzent, Darsteller, Crew

The Sun Island was written, directed and co-produced by Thomas Elsaesser, on behalf of the Martin Elsaesser Foundation. Co-producer is Dieter Reifarth of strandfilm Frankfurt, for ZDF/3Sat (German television), with support from Hesse Film, Frankfurt. Consisting mostly of standard-8 home movie material shot by Martin's son Hans Peter Elsaesser, now part of the collection of the Martin Elsaesser Foundation. Interviews are with Konrad Elsässer, Regine Elsässer, Silvan Linden and Christoph Mäckler.

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Fernseh-Ausstrahlung, Festivals, Premiere

The Sun Island had its Festival Premiere at the Kassel Dok-Fest in November 2017. It was subsequently shown at festivals in Frankfurt, Gdansk, Graz, Lund, Lodz and Warsaw. It was broadcast on 3Sat on April 16, 2018, and has been shown in cinemas, universities, at architectural conferences and other venues in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Cluj, The Hague, Istanbul, Krakow, Kyoto, London, Los Angeles, Luton, New Haven, New York, Paris, Porto Alegre, Providence, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, St Andrews, Tel Aviv, Zagreb and many German cities, among them Berlin, Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden. Screenings in 2019 include Buffalo (NY), Rome, and Cambridge UK. 

A DVD is available on request (  

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