Additional Scenes

Liesel Elsaesser's Skiing Accident


Liesel Elsaesser's return to the island in April 1941 after a near-fatal ski accident; on their way to their own ski trip Trudel and Hanner visit Liesel in Inns-bruck where she is hospitalised with a broken leg.

Hard Work and Daily Toil


What Migge envisaged as an earthly paradise for Adam and Eve was in truth the Garden of Eden after the Fall. Visitors had to work, and those living on the island were toiling from dawn to dusk. It being the War, women had to do men's work.

Migge Takes on the Lease


There are documents indicating Migge's eagerness to take possession of the island ahead of the legal arrangements. He fantasises of an Eldorado among the local flora and fauna, troubled only by nosy and invasive humans.

Trudel Elsaesser Homage and Farewell


A different layer of meaning emerges when the historical circumstances change. Trudel's 80th birthday and the first -ill-fated - film to render homage to our mother. Other birthdays follow: 95th, 100th, and 102nd ...



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